PROBUS Club of Owen Sound

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Coordinator - Paula Mercer

Meet Day - Tuesday (1st and third Tuesday afternoon)

Status New participants welcome

WHERE: Group members volunteer to host in their homes but members not able to host in their home could host at another venue (i.e., library) or even at another members home.

SNACKS:  The host provides the beverages/snacks and participants leave a toonie to offset costs.

SIGNUP: The coordinator will send out an email for people interested in hosting and draw up a schedule.  Then the schedule will be sent out and  it is up to the members to contact the host for signup.

Pat Bayley, , Larry Brown, Diane Cameron,  Bill Cameron,  Sandy Hornseth,  Paula Mercer, Christine Nicol, , Debbie Peacock,  Catherine Stewart, Wayne Stewart, Judy Suke, Peter Suke, Dave Trimbee, Lisa Trimbee, Norm Trudel, Merrie Welland, Rob Welland, Dale Ritter, Fred Ritter, Meg Ryan, Sandy Farrow, Barb Suddick, Carol DAvenport, Keith Davenport, Don Comeau

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